Hey! My name is Alyshia-Mae and I’m extremely excited to welcome you to Beautiful. Passionate. Love.! The idea of Beautiful. Passionate. Love. was birthed about 10 years ago but, I was too insecure to share my writing with the world. October of 2018, I was sitting at work and I felt an uncontrollable urge to write “Taking a Chance” and make it public, I’ve been writing publicly ever since!

I have a Bachelors degree in Journalism and Broadcasting. however, due to the same insecurities, I have yet to even apply to a job in my field. This blog is not only my heart, but it’s also my life! I’ve chosen this platform as my “safe place” to work through all of my fears and anxieties but also share my successes. I am so happy you’re here and choosing to embark on my journey with me!

Depending on how you are exploring, you will notice links across the top of your screen (laptop/desktop), or a menu option (tablet/mobile device). If on a mobile device, once you click the drop down menu, the links will appear. Each link will take you to a different category of journeys explored. From there, you will get a small excerpt of each journey. If it peeks your interest, click on the title to explore! Here’s a brief description of each category:

All Things Beauty:

As a self taught hair styles, nail tech, and makeup artist, here is where you can see me grow in those areas. Full transparency, I don’t explore this area much, however, when I do here’s where you’ll find it!

Creative Writing:

If I haven’t shared this already, writing is one of my greatest passions. Growing up, the only daughter to a single mother of 4, was and still is a challenge. So around the age 7 or 8, writing became my outlet to release frustrations and emotions, I didn’t feel comfortable expressing verbally. I started off writing poetry and letters, and here is were I continue using these avenues (and more) to express the thoughts/feelings too vulnerable to say out loud.

My Future Husband:

This space is so special to me! If you couldn’t guess by the title, this is the space where I share some of the letters I write to the man of God I will one day share my life with. I love this space because I get to express the love I have for him before I even know who he is! Also, I get to share/process my insecurities and fears for our future, without pushing him away. This is definitely one of my happy places.


Now, this space could also be considered a wild card. Here is where I genuinely reflect on events that have transformed me into the woman I am today (good and bad). I break down my role in said evets, and we explore them together. These journeys sometimes lack structure, to ensure the transparency and authenticity. This space is my life, literally.


Another space holding the key to my heart. Here is where I speak, in detail, about my Christianity journey. My relationship with God is so important to me and here’s where I share some of the most beautiful moments between the two of us. Full transparency, though I serve a PERFECT and MERCIFUL God, I am still human and make more mistakes, than even I myself will ever know. I said that, to say this,,, Regardless of what you think you know… DON’T COME FOR MY FAITH!

Again, I’m so happy you are here! Explore at your leisure… Share your thoughts… But, most importantly… Enter this space ready to be transparent with yourself.

Enjoy this journey with me!!

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  1. Hey Alyshia it’s Sade. I love this. I use to love writing and buying different kinds of journals to write in. Down the line I lost the passion of loving to write and I’m not sure how I can get back into the spirit of writing because that was something that soothed me. One thing big I used to write on was reflections and my future. I love reflecting about my day and writing to myself that hopefully one day my daughter can read when I’m gone. I want my daughter to basically have a story to read about her moms strengths, weaknesses, and much more. One day I would like to write a book not sure about what I know I want to write a motivational book for sure.

    1. What’s up Sade!! First off, thank you for reading, and I really appreciate you sharing with me. The beautiful part about having a passion for writing is, no matter how long it’s been, you can always pick up where you left off!

      Your daughter is absolutely beautiful, and if you want to leave your written words behind for her to read and pass on to her children, one day, DO THAT!! You don’t have to post publicly, do something private.

      What ever you choose, just make sure it depicts the most authentic version of yourself!

      I pray you will continue exploring with me!

      God bless,

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