Stages of Beauty

~Hey Beautiful People! I pray this week has been challenging enough for you to realize you are worth fighting for! Me? My week was definitely challenging, however, I made beautiful decisions to do what makes me happy in life! This week I am actually releasing ideas from a piece of work I wrote back in September of 2011. Of course, because it was so long ago, I can’t tell you why I wrote this but, I’d love to tell you what it means to me now. Ready to journey together? Well, let’s dive right in. Indulge and Enjoy!~

Cute, beautiful, and gorgeous… Three words, spued thoughtlessly to describe one’s physical appearance, yet their definitions are so much deeper (in my opinion of course). Many people don’t see the difference between the three because they never stop and think about it. I mean really… Have you ever sat down and asked yourself, “What qualifies a person to receive the title of being gorgeous?” Well, I have so, let’s talk about it.


We are born cute. I mean that’s the go-to description for all children under five. Its the stage of not knowing right from wrong. You know, when we act up in a public place and our parents want to smack us into last week, but they can’t because everyone is looking at us going “Awww!” Remember when all you had to do was poke your lip out and you’d get whatever you wanted? Yeah, that’s cute…

We should never want to stay here for the rest of our lives. I mean, staying here would mean remaining ignorant to the world around us. Having no cares in the world, waking up eager to jump in the sandbox and build our next castle each morning. Unfortunately, many of us, male and female, don’t view cute this way. We, the human race, are programmed to desire instant gratification, therefore, if cute will get us what we want, cute is what we’ll be! This mentality is why most of us stay here for years trying to bat our eyelashes and poke our lip out all the way to success.


A person becomes beautiful when they start to realize that the world is not all about them. This is about us maturing and finding our own place in this world. It’s when reality hits us, and we realize those stupid cliches are true. You know what I’m talking about… “You have to give in order to receive,” and “Nothing on this earth is free.”

To me, the stage of being beautiful is all about curiosity. As we explore and journey through life, we make choices that become apart of our character. We begin to be seen in a different light because we see others in a different light. Slowly, we’re beginning to realize, life isn’t all about what we can get out of people. We become interested in how we can use our talents to pour into the lives of people around us. Most people become comfortable here and remain complacent for a lifetime never even realizing it.


This is the final stage of beauty, in my opinion. It’s about caring for others before we care for ourselves. You know, when you choose to put others needs, wants and desires before your own. It’s about giving love and being a friend to someone without expecting anything in return. At this stage, we are secure in who we are and our place in the world. We aren’t looking to be validated, we are looking to validate.

As we go through life, obstacles, beyond our control, are thrown at us, we have to choose to push our way to success. This doesn’t me we will be triumphant in all endeavors, however, we learn how to react to circumstances beyond our control. Our reactions become the blueprint to those watching us. Our positive vibes become the energies pushed into the world. How many of us can honestly say we are here?

In my opinion, I do not feel anyone is born in the stage of beautiful or gorgeous. Our stages blossom and present themselves as life matures us. Those of us who are told our beauty, accept it and aren’t humble enough to return it back into the world, lack all the beauty we once possessed.

Once a person’s beauty strips away their humility, compassion, and desire to positively pour into others lives, it is no longer beauty. At that very moment, their beauty has become a burden that will only drag them further from their destiny if not dealt with properly. (This is where the stage UGLY comes into play.) This I truly believe.

I’m sure reading this you were able to relate to each stage mentioned. The truth is all three stages are locked within us. It’s up to us to release them and let our beauty shine. As for me, I believe I’m lost somewhere in the stage of beautiful fighting with cute to stay behind me. Remember, this is all my opinion. I’d love to know what stage of beauty you see yourself in…

As always, feel free to ask questions and/or leave feedback in the comments section. 

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