Pushing Through

~Hey Hey Family!! I pray this week was good to you. It was another rough week for me, however, I have faith that this is only preparing me for the blessings soon to come. Are you ready for this week’s journey? Let’s dive in! Indulge and Enjoy!

A few weeks ago, I told you all I was dealing with some stuff that I’m not ready to talk about. Truth? I’m still dealing with it and I’m still not ready to talk about it. (For the person asking, “Why bring it up again, if you still don’t want to talk about it?” KEEP READING!)

Being that I’m an adult with consistent bills and pricey desires, I don’t have the ability to just press pause because I’m going through some things. (Ohh… How I wish I could!) So, this week, as I continue to push through this rough patch, I begin to ask myself, “How do you continue to push through?” Great Question! Let’s explore it…

As each day passed this week, I thought about what really stops me from giving up…

My Faith

I know I’ve mentioned it sporadically in past post, however, I am VERY spiritual. Growing up, I was in church every Sunday and bible study every Wednesday. Of course, back then I disliked church as much as attending Catholic school. As a Baptist, at a Catholic school, with two Muslim best friends, my faith and knowledge base was definitely stretched. Every service I sat through and every religion class I pretended to pay attention in, has in some way assisted with the strength I possess today.

To be clear, the reason my faith is number one on my list, is not that suicide is a sin, or because, there are people in the world that are less fortunate than me (though both are very true). My faith keeps me afloat because when I am at my lowest, literally 2 steps away from giving up, I pray. I pour my heart out to the Lord and ask him to guide me through the emotional/physical pain I’m going through. He never fails to show up and walk through my mess with me. I remember He is the author of my story and He makes no mistakes…

My Stubbornness

Now, this one is a little funny, to be honest. While funny it’s also very important. Regardless of how positive you are, there is always someone praying your downfall. Family, friends, even a stranger, no matter their title in your life, there is a hater somewhere that doesn’t want to see you succeed.For me, this is the exact push I need to make sure I NEVER give up. I REFUSE to allow them to win. Telling me I can do something, or that I won’t succeed, forces me to prove the individual wrong at any cause…

My Destiny

I have a destiny that ONLY I can fulfill! How dare I rob the world of my greatness. I do not have the right to cancel my life mission because my emotions are overwhelming at the moment. “This too shall pass…” and when it does pass, I need to be ready to push forth and be great! I can’t do that if I’ve given up!

My Family

I love and adore my family. Though they may not admit it, I’m the most important person in all of their lives. Like, what would they do without me? With a little sister like me, no moment together can be boring. And, as the best big sister ever, trouble is always around the corner. On top of that, I’m an AMAZING daughter, the BEST auntie ever, the craziest cousin you could ever love, and the greatest friend you’ll ever have. With all the different roles I hold in these peoples lives, why would I force them to live life without me?

Working Out

Everyone needs an outlet. While writing is my emotional unload channel, working out has become my physical release. I use to literally cringe at the thought of becoming fit. Now, it’s as if I can’t have a good day without it. I work out Monday through Friday for at least an hour. I didn’t plan it this way, however, working out after the majority of my day has transpired is GENIUS! During my workout, I feel the stress leave my body and, the sweat is great at masking my tears when my day is extremely tough. I’ve had nights where I cry through the majority of the workout, however, when I’m done I always feel lighter! Fitness has become my reset button!

These are just the 5 drivers that kept me going this week. Depending on what I’m struggling through, they could slightly change. And, some of then just never change. We all go through hard times, some struggles last longer than others. What we all have to remember is this isn’t the end! Whatever you are dealing with will build and mold you for your destiny! Remember, no one can live out your destiny but you.

What pushes you in your tough times to never give up?

As always, feel free to ask questions and/or leave feedback in the comments section. 

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