~Happy May Family!! How’s your week treating you? I pray you’ve been working, daily, to become a better you! As you all know, I strive for improvement daily and this week has been no different! I’m in a tough state licensing class (courtesy of my job), however, this hasn’t stopped me from reflecting on my flaws. Ready to explore? Me too! Indulge & Enjoy!~

This week, while learning a million and one foreign topics, I struggled to stay committed to my health and fitness journey… I went from eating extremely healthy to eating cheeseburgers and fries for lunch. I also skipped meals (6 small meals daily), struggled to drink a gallon of water a day and stopped working out.

As the week progressed, whenever I’d pause from studying, I would hear one line continue to play over and over again…

“…But you promised…”

I knew right away what the phrase was referring too. I also knew I was too stressed to eat healthy at the moment. But then, I thought about how far I’ve come, and knew some big girl decisions had to be made…

Here’s my recommitment to myself…

Dear Beautiful Inspiration,

Thank you for holding me accountable. Thank you for maturing and realizing we can’t continue to live life making excuses. You are my constant reminder, proving, I deserve better than what I give myself.

You’ve, patiently, allowed me to make mistakes without allowing me to step too far out of character. Whether it be allowing someone responsible for hurting me continue to be a part of my life or, making myself overly available to someone I’ve just met, you always keep my best interest at heart.

Yet, I’ve let you down so many times…

I’ve already put you as a priority, however, most times I fail to trust your judgment. It’s crazy because you’re the one that stops and thinks before speaking… You pray before reacting to frustrating circumstances… And, you show compassion before assuming the worst.

Today, I promise to consult you before making choices. Today, I promise to support your decisions. Today, I give you authority to intrude in areas of my life I don’t allow you access to. Today, I recommit myself to you!

You will teach me how to love not only me but those around me, also. You will continue to teach me my genuine beauty. You will allow me to be my authentic self, with no apologies. And for all you do, for me, I have no choice but to continue to be in love with you!

Take the wheel beautiful!

So often we underestimate the support we can give ourselves. We’re always looking for someone to motivate us, to tell us how great we are… But what about the voice inside, already shouting, “YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO!”Listen to that voice, trust that voice, honor that voice, and see where it leads you.

As always, feel free to ask questions and/or leave feedback in the comments section.

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