Regaining Focus

~Hey Family!! Welcome to August! We are over halfway through 2019!! Can you believe it? Me either. I pray this year, thus far, has challenged you to alter your thought process. With 5 months left, I want to encourage you to stay focused. Ready to explorer? Let’s dive in. Indulge & Enjoy!~

I feel like this time of the year is when most people begin to give up on themselves. I mean, for 7 months, you’ve been working on you, and you may not feel you’ve made enough progress. You’re not seeing the fruit of your labor, and you may not even remember what you’re working so hard for.

If this is you, I need you to remember, it isn’t over! You still have 5 AMAZING months ahead of you! Please, don’t cheat yourself!


I’m here at this very moment. I don’t see enough progress to be satisfied with my actions. Apart of me wants to give up and start a new path, however, I know I need to continue fighting through this!

In the last month, I haven’t had much spiritual reflection, nor have I taken time for the important aspects of my life. Between work and dealing with my moving situation, I haven’t had much of any time to really decompress.

With all this being said, none of this gives me the right to give up on my promise with God, myself, nor my future husband! And, it doesn’t give you the right to give up on your promises either.

My word for the next 5 months is CONSISTENCY. I have to put forth the same effort I did in the first 7 months! Notice, I didn’t say I have to try harder. Most of the time, progress can’t be seen when you’re in the middle. You just have to keep the faith in knowing you’re doing what your Heavenly Father has asked of you.

Also, please remember we aren’t perfect! We’re going to fall. Don’t let that derail you. It’s a part of success. Failure is the main component of growth. What I want you to do is, remember how you felt at that moment of failure. After you’ve prayed on it and asked for forgiveness, use it to push you! Use it as fuel! And never forget the pain you felt of letting yourself down. That pain will refocus you when you’re tempted in the future.

This is probably the shortest journey we’ve had so far and I apologize! I’m literally in the middle of packing, the movers will be here in a few hours! I just wanted to share a little bit of what I’ve been dealing with, this week. If you’re where I am, I challenge you to seek solitude and regrouped!

There will be no post next week, August 10, as I have a multitude of tasks to take care of. I love you all and I pray August begins to rebuild your faith in yourself.

As always, feel free to ask questions and/or leave feedback in the comments section.

(All new journeys will be uploaded Saturdays by 12:30 EST)


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