Do You Know What Today Is?


Yes! We have been exploring together for exactly ONE YEAR today! Man, I can’t even believe it! I mean I literally remember sitting at my desk (at work) wondering if I should even embark on this journey. I promise I’m so glad I did!

Journeying with you all has taught me so much about myself! I mean, this month last year, God revealed, I knew absolutely nothing about Alyshia-Mae. He showed me, in order to move forward, I had to look backward one last time. So, I chose to do the work! I’m still doing the work… I will forever be doing this work!

Wow! How did I miss the significance of this month? I’m celebrating our first year together while getting settled into an entirely new state! You all journeyed with me through my first trip to Kentucky! Christmas of last year! Now, I live here!!! On top of all that, 2 years ago, on October 6th, 2017, I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior! As you can see, October has been HUGE for me these last couple of years.

Prior to this realization, I use to HATE the month of October! I mean between, clowns, vampires, bats, and zombies, I felt I couldn’t leave the house without being scared out of my mind. I would make sure to be locked in my home before dark and to turn off all the lights on Halloween, to ensure no one knocks on my door. Now, I just feel free. I’m amazed at how God will use a month I dread to bring me back to life! I’m so excited to see how He reveals Himself, even further, to me in this beautiful month!

Are y’all ready to explore on a deeper level? Throughout this last year, I’ve learned to accept all aspects of my past. With me being comfortable with, and accepting my past, it opens up an entirely deeper, more intimate level of exploring!

It’s a beautiful feeling to not fear judgment. To know who you are, in the Father. To accept your mistakes and FORGIVE YOURSELF, as you ask for forgiveness. I thank God for the person I am today, and am ecstatic to pursue Him on an even deeper level throughout this next year of journeying!

I want to take the time out to say THANK YOU ALL!! From the ones who have been with me since Taking a Chance, to the ones who are journeying with us for the first time today, and everyone in between… I LOVE YOU!

I appreciate you, you don’t know how much it means to know I have family in 56 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. This is only the beginning! I am enthusiastic to see what this next year brings!!

Please note we will not be exploring this Saturday (10/12). I have to get some things situated here in Kentucky. We will be back to our normal schedule the following Saturday (10/19).

Stay tuned as I continue…

“Working on me- While sharing with you!”

I love y’all!

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Incomplete Days

~Hey Hey!! I pray you’re all making peace with the unchangeable elements in your lives. This week has flown by! I was supposed to inform you all, in last weeks adventure, there wasn’t going to be a journey this week… I completely forgot!

I’m still in licensing class for my job, we’re actually prepping for our state exam next week (pray for my success), therefore, my focus has been mainly on this class. I’m not going to go too deep this week (I have a lot of studying to do). I hope you’re still able to enjoy our journey together!! Ready? Indulge & Enjoy!!~

So here I am, sitting in this class. I’m stressed about the material because I don’t feel I’m retaining it the way I should be… However, I continue to try each day. My instructor is pretty dope though! She has a way of teaching the material while making it less boring. One of the main things I love about her is, story time is all the time. She shares so many intimate family stories and somehow finds a way to tie them to insurance.

While telling a story this week, she shared something her Mother said often… No sooner than she said it, my mind started to explore days I’ve felt incomplete…

Have you ever had one of those days? A day where everything seemed to go “right,” however, you still weren’t satisfied? I mean you did everything you set out to do, but, the day still doesn’t seem complete? As the sun goes down, you wonder what would have made the day better, however, nothing really stands out? Well, think about this…

3 Things You Need Daily to be Happy:

– Something to do…

-Somewhere to go…

-Someone to love…

(Quote from My Instructor’s Mom)

Now, reflect back to one of the days we were just talking about. The ones that felt incomplete. Was one of these things missing? Was there nothing to do that day? Nowhere to go? Or, maybe you just couldn’t find someone to love on for the day?

We, the human race, forget the importance of giving love as well as being loved. I feel just as good giving love as I do getting it. It has nothing to do with physical intimacy. Love can be shown in so many different ways…

Spending time with people you care about. Volunteering your time doing something in your community (literally covers all three). Intentionally, doing something nice for an un-expecting recipient.

For me, hearing this was exactly what I needed. I’ve had so many incomplete days, and, when I think about them, one of the three was always missing. It wasn’t always the same element missing either. The conclusion I was able to come to? By implementing this small guide to my day, I’ll never have an incomplete day again!

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