Do You Know What Today Is?


Yes! We have been exploring together for exactly ONE YEAR today! Man, I can’t even believe it! I mean I literally remember sitting at my desk (at work) wondering if I should even embark on this journey. I promise I’m so glad I did!

Journeying with you all has taught me so much about myself! I mean, this month last year, God revealed, I knew absolutely nothing about Alyshia-Mae. He showed me, in order to move forward, I had to look backward one last time. So, I chose to do the work! I’m still doing the work… I will forever be doing this work!

Wow! How did I miss the significance of this month? I’m celebrating our first year together while getting settled into an entirely new state! You all journeyed with me through my first trip to Kentucky! Christmas of last year! Now, I live here!!! On top of all that, 2 years ago, on October 6th, 2017, I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior! As you can see, October has been HUGE for me these last couple of years.

Prior to this realization, I use to HATE the month of October! I mean between, clowns, vampires, bats, and zombies, I felt I couldn’t leave the house without being scared out of my mind. I would make sure to be locked in my home before dark and to turn off all the lights on Halloween, to ensure no one knocks on my door. Now, I just feel free. I’m amazed at how God will use a month I dread to bring me back to life! I’m so excited to see how He reveals Himself, even further, to me in this beautiful month!

Are y’all ready to explore on a deeper level? Throughout this last year, I’ve learned to accept all aspects of my past. With me being comfortable with, and accepting my past, it opens up an entirely deeper, more intimate level of exploring!

It’s a beautiful feeling to not fear judgment. To know who you are, in the Father. To accept your mistakes and FORGIVE YOURSELF, as you ask for forgiveness. I thank God for the person I am today, and am ecstatic to pursue Him on an even deeper level throughout this next year of journeying!

I want to take the time out to say THANK YOU ALL!! From the ones who have been with me since Taking a Chance, to the ones who are journeying with us for the first time today, and everyone in between… I LOVE YOU!

I appreciate you, you don’t know how much it means to know I have family in 56 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. This is only the beginning! I am enthusiastic to see what this next year brings!!

Please note we will not be exploring this Saturday (10/12). I have to get some things situated here in Kentucky. We will be back to our normal schedule the following Saturday (10/19).

Stay tuned as I continue…

“Working on me- While sharing with you!”

I love y’all!

As always, feel free to ask questions and/or leave feedback in the comments section.

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Emotional Overload

~What’s up BPL! I pray this week has been good to you! If it wasn’t, remember, whatever transpired is behind you now. My week left me in deep thought, to the point of sleepless nights. Of course, I’m going to share what’s been on my mind silly, we’re family! This week will be shorter than usual though. You’ll understand why as you continue journeying. Let’s dive in! Indulge and enjoy!~

Being honest my mind is in overload… My creativity feels stunted. My desire to love what I do feels faded. It’s as if the river of imagination has been drained dry. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to write, that will never change (words flow through my veins), it’s just something is emotionally off.

Okay, so maybe I’m not being totally truthful. First, let me say I’ve gone through this creative drought before, only the last time, it lasted a little over 3 years. Yes, I spent 3 years bottling up everything life threw my way. On the verge of exploding at any second, this is when I started keeping to myself, socializing with almost no one. I REFUSE to let this transpire into the stagnation, loneliness, and emptiness I felt during those 3 years.

What’s haunting me you ask? Great question! I’m not yet ready to answer however, let me explain something. When you decide to make changes for the better, obstacles from your past will continuously reveal themselves in order to; pull you back into the mess and dysfunction you chose to leave behind. Now, depending on the person you choose to talk to about this, they’ll say “just stay focused and keep pushing.” Easier said than done is a drastic understatement!

How do you stay focused when the tears are weighing your eyelids down, and the only thing stopping you from crying is joking with a coworker who knows hardly anything about you… How do you keep pushing when in a room full of people, you feel unseen… How do you keep your head above water when you feel your sins tied around your ankles creating a huge boulder, pulling you deeper and deeper… Yet you get up daily and continue to push through.

Well, this is exactly what I’ve been dealing with. We talk a little about my past weekly so, you all know, like everyone else in this world, I’ve made a multitude of mistakes. While this journey is titled, “The Journey to Discovering Me,” a major part of this journey is working through my past. As memories or circumstances arise, I dissect and deconstruct them to see what I’ve learned from it and how not to repeat it. Then, I let go

But, this week, letting go isn’t as easy as in weeks prior. mainly because I’m not ready to let go. I don’t want to forget. While yes, the situation brought me a lot of pain, it also taught me strength. Though I’ve forgiven everyone involved in the situation, I still hold the facts very close to me. I hold on to the pain to make sure nothing or no one can take that strength away from me…

I know my thought process is not 100% logical when it comes to this matter. It’s almost the same feeling of getting a tattoo. We wince as the needle pierces our skin over a thousand times, yet, as soon as we think we’re about to give up, its over, and we’re already planning our next tattoo with the artist. Only, in this case, God is my artist, He won’t allow me to quit, and my input doesn’t hold much weight. Also, my tattoos are only visible in my actions and reactions.

If you’ve made it this far, I just want to say thank you for embarking on this rough journey with me. I love you all and promise to see you next week.

As always, feel free to ask questions and/or leave feedback in the comments section. 

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Processing Emotions

~Hey Family!! How did this week treat you? I pray it brought you plenty of peace and progress. How did you show your appreciation to your significant other on Valentines Day? Single? Me too! How did you show yourself appreciation? Don’t ever miss a moment to show YOU how loved and valuable YOU are to YOURSELF. Ready to embark on this weeks journey? Let’s dive right in. Indulge & Enjoy!~

When it comes to expressing myself, I’m not always able to find the right words. If I’m really frustrated, it’s as if I’ve hit an emotional roadblock, stopping my mouth from saying what my mind has detected within my heart. The words will be at the tip of my tongue, yet, I can’t form them. Yes, I’m a little stubborn, however, the real truth is, sometimes I’m just afraid…

Afraid to open up and tell the other party how I really feel. Fearful, if I share my true feelings, said party may think I’m attacking them. Sometimes, I’m so frustrated, because I know we’ve had this conversation before, that I just shut down. The worst, but most common, is when I assume the other party should “just know” how to fix my issue.

Can you relate? Not ready to admit it? That’s fine, however, let’s still address it. For starters, this is NOT a “feminine characteristic,” nor does it make you weak. Both men and women have moments where expressing their feelings are more difficult than others. Also, it’s not always bad to reserve your feelings. Depending on the time and place it may even be best.

Where over sharing emotions becomes an issue, is when relationships are affected drastically. We all fight with our friends and argue with our significant others, however, at the end of the dispute, we have to be able to answer and ask specific questions to establish a resolution. What do those questions sound like? Well, here are my main four…

-What am I really upset about?

A lot of times, especially in romantic relationships, it’s easier to fight over the little things, rather than finding the root cause of your frustration. To be honest, magnifying the little things could cause more damage to the relationship/friendship. I can assure you, socks on the floor, or dishes in the sink, especially, the cap off the toothpaste, is definitely not the real issue. So, instead of exploding over the little things, stop and ask yourself, “Why am I really mad?

-Is this a “me” issue, a “them” issue or a “us” issue?

Now, this question right here requires full transparency with yourself. Once you’ve found the root cause of your frustration, you now have to find out who exactly is responsible for fixing it… It is absolutely, 1,000 percent, not fair for you to make your issue the responsibility of the other party to fix. Also, you can’t heal the emotional wounds of others. Just as it isn’t their responsibility to fix you it’s also not your responsibility to fix them. No, you also can’t help them work on it. If you didn’t help cause the brokenness then you won’t be the solution in fixing it.

-Have I asked them what they need from me?

This moment of a conversation is very helpful when sincere. This question, all by itself, can break the tension while resolving issues between friends or your significant other. It shifts blame and, provided a balanced atmosphere for the other party. This is when you give your undivided attention to the other party, in order for them to share what you can do to make the relationship better. Once this question is answered, you should be given the opportunity to…Well, just read the next section.

-Have I told them what I need from them?

Alright, we’ve found out the real reason we’re upset/frustrated. We’ve determined who’s responsibility it is to fix it. We’ve asked the parties involved “what they need from us” to rectify this disagreement. So, the final, very important conversation we have to be open to is, telling the “offender” what we need from them to work on the issue. Before you start pointing fingers again, remember the offender can and maybe you! If it is you, it’s imperative you ask yourself this question. Yes, you need to sit down and have a conversation with yourself (out loud or written) and, sincerely tell YOU  what you need from YOU.

Over the years, I’ve learned not to speak from emotions. In most cases, when a person speaks from emotion, they aren’t heard. For me, these questions help to keep my mind focused on the real issues and not the emotions surrounding it. This doesn’t mean I don’t share how I feel, I’m just learning to share my feelings with words instead of reactions. These questions work in all relationship types, romantic or not. Oh, you don’t believe me? You must be new to the family because the BPL Family knows, on this journey, we only talk about what we’ve lived through.

We’re all bound to have a disagreement, of some sort this week, whether it be with your significant other, parents, siblings, or friends. Approach the disagreement differently this time and try incorporating these questions. Let me know how they change the dynamics of the disagreement. If you have a process you use, similar or not, please share! I’d love to try your way of processing emotions…

As always, feel free to ask questions and/or leave feedback in the comments section. 

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