You All Won’t Make the Cut

~What’s new Family!? I pray this week has provoked you to think about your future. I hope your attitude towards your current situation is shifting as your destiny manifests itself. As for me, well, this week forced me to think about the people currently in my life.

Do they deserve to be in my next chapter? Or should they be spectators, on the sideline, as I continue to blossom and bloom? Let’s talk about it! Indulge & Enjoy! ~

As mentioned, this week forced me to think about the people close to me; family, friends, associates, even coworkers, and sincerely evaluate who deserves to be in my next season of life. Now, before we journey any further, allow me to clear up some misconceptions. Evaluating yourself, your life, and the people around you does not make you selfish, stuck up, nor bougie.

It’s YOUR right AND responsibility to ensure your constant growth! Therefore, you are obligated to do random self checkups and evaluations. Ask yourself this… If a doctor notices a small mass while examining a patient, does he leave it and allow it to potentially grow into cancer? Of course not, he cuts it out!

Just as the doctor cuts off the unhealthy parts of the body. You have to cut off the unhealthy people in life. If you don’t, they will grow and eventually consume you and your growth.

As the week progressed, it became easier for me to notice some of the people I had to cut off. What became overwhelming was the notion of having to be enemies because we weren’t friends. What hurts my heart the most, was the rumors beginning to surface painting one party to be worst than the other. But, then I thought…

Does parting ways mean we have to be on bad terms?

What I’m finding out, is most people say yes to the above question. When I have yet to find out is why… why do I have to dislike you, almost hate you, because we are no longer friends? Why am I expected to fabricate a narrative to the world, indicating you as the “bad guy”?

I REFUSE! I refuse to make someone else look bad in an effort to make myself look good. I refuse to let this stupid, ignorant, unnecessary expectation to be a part of my story.

It’s okay for me to not allow everyone around me full access to my life. What is not okay is fabricating a narrative to make myself look better. Stop allowing society to dictate your actions.

Everyone will not like your decision, especially the persons you’re parting ways with, however, you have to put yourself first. You have to take control of how you elevate in this next chapter of life. Like it or not, everyone can’t go with you. Listen to Ciara’s Level Up and step into this next season with confidence and grace!

As always, feel free to ask questions and/or leave feedback in the comments section.

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2 thoughts on “You All Won’t Make the Cut

  1. This is so true and I feel like your totally right when say ‘ you don’t have to part ways and leave a negative vibe . Some people are a lesson and some are meant to stay and help you grow, you know what I mean. But i feel the sane Way.

    But can’t wait for the next one 😊 I love reading them

    1. Good Morning Donna!

      Welcome to the B.P.L. Family! I understand exactly what your saying, and it’s so true! Sometimes we try to hold on to people that God only connected us with to learn a lesson! We haven’t to learn to be content and confident in letting go! Thanks for sharing and thank you for exploring with me!

      See you next week!

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