Find Your Peace

~What’s up family!! I pray this week has guided you one step closer to you finding your peace… As for me, this week has been pretty calm. I mean, my procrastination is at an all-time high, but that’s another story! Anywho, let’s explore! Indulge & Enjoy!~

P – E – A – C – E… Peace. Freedom from disturbance… Tranquility. (Google) Sounds good, right? It does to me! I mean, to be in a space of complete serenity… To be able to see and process all the chaos around you, yet, your soul remains at complete peace. Sounds amazing!

This is my dream… I want my soul to always remain at peace. I desire to help and guide everyone I come in contact with, in some aspect of their lives. I strive to constantly make a difference. However, I no longer allow this to come at the cost of my own peace!

For people, such as myself, who are constantly submerging ourselves in others’ turmoil, it’s difficult to claim and protect our peace. Because we are constantly communicating with people of all walks of life and faith, we often feel a heaviness weighing on our spirit.

Constantly pouring into others, we don’t realize we’re not feeding our souls the necessary content to promote peace and tranquility. Chaotic environments can only breed chaos! We tend to find ourselves becoming the very messes we’re attempting to clean up.

So, what can we do to not only regain our peace but protect it also? Great question!! If you’re anything like me, it may take you a while to find what brings you peace. Let me be clear, it’s IMPERATIVE that you take the needed time! This is also an opportunity to get to know yourself a little better! For me, I’ve realized, I find my peace in solitude.

Now, if you have the amazing, wonderful opportunity of knowing me personally, then, you’re aware I’m a social butterfly! I find pleasure in communicating with others, and I admire different walks of life. At one point in my life, I hated being alone. In fact, it terrified me!

S- O- L- I- T- U- D- E… Solitude. The state or situation of being alone. (Google, again) See, I use to equate solitude and alone as the same. Because I didn’t know the difference, I allowed my spirit, my soul, to be abused. Most of the time I was the abuser…

Check this out. Alone means, having no one else present, (Yes, I used google again!) and, I’ve already shared what google defines solitude as. So, to me, alone is on the physical sense- you know to physically have no one present. While solitude is a state of being.

You see, I could be in an arena full of thousands of people yet still be in a state of solitude. I could also be in a park, under a huge oak tree, reading a book, while children run past me giggling in complete bliss, and still be in a state of solitude. For me, solitude is a position of the mind!

So, back to our question of how we regain our peace and protect it? You take the time to learn what feeds your soul! You find what brings you tranquility. Is it reading? Is it out on the town with your friends? Is it dinner and a movie with your mom/dad or both? Is it all of the above? Awesome! But, if you’re not sure what feeds your soul, do what I had to do.

Step out of your comfort zone!

Just remember to have fun and feed your soul while doing so!

As always, feel free to ask questions and/or leave feedback in the comments section.

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